Why Americans Prefer to Grow Old in Nursing Homes?

A person needs communication. This is the first reason for the popularity of nursing homes as Canadian Pharmacy points out. After an intense working life comes a pension and complete loneliness. It is more dangerous than high blood pressure or joint pain, because it does not have adequate treatment, but such a loneliness slowly kills.nursing homes

Old Age of “Western” Character

In the US, the old people live in nursing homes. A person wakes up quiet. He knows for sure that:

  • the nurse will come to help you get dressed and wash, will remind you of taking morning tablets;
  • wet cleaning has already been done in a room and a bathroom, things have been washed;
  • in the dining room a breakfast is prepared, no need to think about what to cook and how to find strength in it;
  • a pensioner will not eat alone or with a radio receiver, but surrounded by familiar old men and women;
  • today will be a busy day: with games of interest, with a walk in the fresh air, if necessary – with a doctor’s advice;
  • A person retains a sense of self-worth, he remains in society, not locked up helpless within the walls of his own home.

Children’ Duty to American Parents

American children from the childhood do not inspire that they are obliged to shoulder and give up all their lives until the parent dies. Children see their movable grandmothers and grandfathers who are still traveling at retirement age. And having lost the ability to take care of themselves – they go to nursing homes. They are regularly visited by children and grandchildren, with sincere interest and love.

And it never even occurred to anyone that an able-bodied “child” of 45-55 years should retire and sit with an elderly mother in order to provide her with a decent old age. After all, he loses all means of subsistence, cannot pay for an apartment, studying, repay debts on loans and runs the risk of being on the street with his entire family.

How do Older Americans Get into Nursing Homes?

According to Canadian Pharmacy accommodation in nursing homes of the United States is paid. Anyone can enter such a home, even with 1 or 10 able-bodied children. The payment is made from savings accumulated during life. If not, real estate, cars, other property are being sold.

When choosing a nursing home, elderly people or their relatives take into account:

  1. Medical indications. There are specialized nursing homes for the elderly with bone and joint diseases, with psychiatric disorders, with oncological pathology. They have nurses who received additional training specifically in this field of medicine and understand the specific patients’ needs.
  2. Your budget. Living conditions differ in nursing homes with different levels of payment, but even in social homes for the poor elderly, there are no walls with cracked plaster or beds hanging down the floor. When society respects a person, it feels part of society, not forgotten and useless.