Are you a good listener?

All people have two ears and one mouth and there may be a good reason for that. It is hardly can be called a conversation when you are talking to any person and you don’t let him even say a word.

When listening, you show another person that you respect him and his opinion. When you are cutting your partner off in the middle of a conversation you are telling him that you are not listening to him and do not value his words.

According to Canadian Pharmacy, this can be a real problem. You may be a smart, executive worker but you have to be able to communicate with patients and listen to them.

Everyone thinks there is no time to talk to have a conversation with each patient. There may be times during the day where short and sweet is the best answer, but if you portray yourself like that all the time, then be prepared to be cut out of the daily communication loop.

The best information in any organization travels by word of mouth. The best ideas to boost productivity are hashed out in conversation before they are reduced to a memo. The same is true when the company plan isn’t executing as intended – the team gets together to discuss the problem and find a solution. However, if one person attempts to dominate the conversation it is the equivalent of driving into a sinkhole and then creativity grinds to a halt and only the dinner bell can rescue you. Many good ideas come from being a good listener. So be a Contributor and not a Dominator the next time you are participating in a conversation.