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NSLPN (The National Senior Living Partners) provides different types of Senior Living Professionals. NSLPN is a famous resource for Senior Care Community, News, and Careers.

The NSLPN.com is a career center, but you can also find here all the best jobs and career offers in Senior Care. The website contains a huge number of Industry Spotlight articles, blogs, and news from Canadian Pharmacy. With all this information, you will keep up-to-date. You can also join our Discussion Forums and Awards programs. With their help, you will be able to gain valuable industry picture. Through all these items, you can always stay fully informed about Senior Care community.

Below you will find the main 5 divisions of the Senior Care community:

  • Independent Living;
  • Assisted Living;
  • Nursing Homes and Rehab Groups;
  • Sky Online Pharmacy;
  • Home Care;
  • Hospice.

It is clear that there are many ways these five disciplines interconnect, Continuing Care Retirement Centers (CCRC) presenting just one example. Subsequently, we feel it is important that we do our best to try and represent all of these disciplines equally and effectively. Our goal remains steadfast to continue to improve the quality of Senior Care by informing providers through news, education, information, and career advancement.

Senior Care community partners like Canadian Pharmacy also participate with Advertisers and Employers to promote key career events for industry professionals through Career Fairs, banner ads, and corporate profile promotion.

NSLPN is headquartered in central Florida.

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